About Mr. A:

It is my pleasure to be teaching all of the students who will be in my classroom this year. This year I will be teaching grade 7-8 Science and grade 8-9 options. This is my 8th year at CCS, and my 15th year teaching Middle School Science. Students and their parents are encouraged to work with me (and with other teachers), to make this year a successful one. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any problems arise over the course of the year, so that we can resolve them quickly. I'm looking forward to a great year with you!

This is Mr. Allison with a Boa constrictor that he caught on
the island of Tobago (off the coast of Venezuela) in 2013.

I enjoy spending a lot of time outside, doing a wide variety of activities. My faithful companions outside of school are my Brittanies, Raz and Schaffer:

Science is an amazing subject. It has much to teach us about our Creator. For this reason, students are not allowed to answer questions with the pat answer "because God made it that way." This is not only an unsatisfactory answer, but one that provides no real explanation for what is being observed. Students will instead be encouraged, over the course of the year, to answer the question "why did God make it that way?" 

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